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Project Profile and Project Governance

Project Profile

The Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) is the premier research organization, charged with the main mandate of promoting, streamlining, coordinating, and regulating research in crops, livestock, genetic resources, and biotechnology in Kenya.

KALRO received a funding grant from the European Union (EUR 5m) and Government of Kenya (EUR 1.5m) to implement the AgriFI Kenya support to KALRO for Climate Smart Agricultural Productivity Project (AgriFI Kenya CS APP) at a tune of EUR 6.5m, a five-year project under the AgriFI Development Programme.

Project Governance

AgriFi Program Steering Committee

The CS-APP reports to the overall Kenya AgriFI Steering Committee. The KALRO Director-General and the Coordinator will attend on behalf of the CS-APP. CS-APP periodically reports to the AKSC

Project Implementation Committee

A PIC chaired by the Director- General KALRO is made up of the PCU, one Deputy Director General, a representative of implementing partners (on rotating basis), representative of relevant local University, MOAI AgriFI Focal Point (Coordinator), and Private sector representative. The EC Delegation and the National Treasury will have representative(s) as observers. PIC provide oversight and guidance to the PCU in implementing the project. PIC meet once a year.


Value Chains

Research Models

Impact Areas


Value Chains

Get understanding in optimizing agricultural valuechins and improving productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

Climate Information Advisories

Accurate & decision-relevant climate information is critical to plan & minimize negative impact of climate variability.

Market Information

Daily market prices, for different markets in varous counties.

Project Publications

Here you can explore the projects dissemination materials.


Access a wide range of multimedia content, including images, videos, and press releases, showcasing our KALRO's latest news, updates, and events.

Analytics Map

The map provides an overview of the results achieved. Data contained in the map has been quality assesed and aligns with project objectives.