Develop and Commercialize Pen-side Mastitis Diagnostic Kit

Pen-side Mastitis Diagnostic Kit Research Activity

Research Centre: Veterinary Science Research Institute (VSRI) - Muguga

Principal Researcher: Ndirangu, P.N., Kipronoh, A. K., Maichomo, M.W., Olum, M., Siamba, D.N., Nyongesa, P.

Research Background:

Mastitis is a constraint to dairy production and may account for up to 70% – 80% of the total losses in milk production. Clinical mastitis can be easily detected and treated unlike sub-clinical mastitis, where the milk is usually visibly normal, but the concentration of milk somatic cell count (SCC) is increased. Pathogens of sub-clinical mastitis are identified from milk samples processed for bacteriological testing.

However, the current diagnostic approaches require technical expertise, thus the need for an affordable easy-to-use mastitis diagnostic technology that can be used by farmers. ASAL APRP in partnership with Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology developed a prototype Pen-side Mastitis Diagnostic kit and produced 1000 strips that were used in field validation trials.

The registration process was initiated and a dossier was drafted and presented to Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) for patenting. Independent field evaluation of the kit was carried out by the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVS) to enable registration by Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), as a requirement for the pH-based mastitis kit to be availed for on-farm use. It is also crucial to protect this innovation by patenting the kit with KIPI. The following sub-activities are being implemented.

Research Objectives:

  • Production of the Pen-side Mastitis Diagnostic Kit and capacity building.
  • Develop user information, kit packaging design and costing.
  • Kit patenting and registration (for use in cattle) by KIPI and VMD.


  • Production of mastitis test strips was undertaken and samples from each batch subjected to stability tests. Further generation of data (kit stability in form of storage conditions and shelf-life) was done. The kit is undergoing validation on farm.