Evaluation and Release of Cashew Clones for Root-stock Suitability in Coastal Kenya

Evaluation Of Cashew Clones Research Activity

Research Centre: KALRO Mtwapa

Principal Researcher: Ms. Stella Katini

Research Background:

Generally, the demand for grafted cashew seedlings in Kenya has increased with the increase of cashew-growing regions in the country. The demand is expected to grow. Supply of cashew seedlings is low due to competition for seed nuts for root-stock and nuts for processing, and low graft uptake among other factors. For many years the ex-India cashew varieties are used as root-stocks, but due to changes in land use, few trees are remaining and their production is also low.

This project aims at evaluating cashew clones with the aim of getting a suitable root-stock for increased percentage take and yields. The following activities are being implemented:

Research Objectives:

  • To identify suitable cashew varieties for root-stock.
  • To conduct Distinctiveness, Uniformity and Stability test (DUS).
  • Register and release as Kenya cashew varieties suitable for root-stock.
  • To establish and maintain cashew root-stock mother block.


  • Root-stocks are being raised for evaluation. This activity is ongoing.