Technology Transfer and Commercialization Models

Technology Transfter Model

The Technology Transfer Model was developed to support partners to effectively plan a pathway for disseminating technologies. The model demonstrates how KALRO technologies are disseminated and upscaled to the farmers through demonstration farms, Pastoral field schools, and Farmer field schools.

The model helps to plan, identifying project sites, defining number of farmers that will be reached directly and indirectly, their location, and the strategies for mobilizing the farmers.

Commercialization Model

The Commercialization Model was developed to support partners to develop a business plan for upscaling the technologies. The model outlines the value chain approach that include; the chain actors, and their functions.

It shows how KALRO technologies are being commercialized through commercial multipliers of seed inputs, organization of the farmer to produce, aggregate, and participate in the commodity market. It also shows the extension and financial support services required.