Avocados - IPM

Avocados - IPM


Avocado is the leading export fruit in Kenya. The demand and the prices of the fruit both in export and local markets have been on the increase for a number of years reaching 35/- and 20/- per fruit for export and local market respectively in 2023. In 2014, for example Kenya earned a total of 2.3 billion from export of avocado mainly to the EU market.

Implemetation Details

The rise of demand has been caused by the healthy nature as well as increased processing activities and multiple benefits of the fruit. However, the avocado value chain has not realized its full potential due to various challenges. Top among them is the fruit fly infestation at production stage which causes major losses at farm and post-harvest levels.

The total loss is estimated to be as high as 30% at both levels. In addition, fruit fly infestation affects fruit quality and hence market access since it is a quarantine pest. Besides fruit fly infestation, poor harvest practices including harvest of premature fruits, ruin the reputation and hence hurt the export market.

Over the years KALRO has developed integrated pest management options which are environmentally friendly, for the control of fruit fly on avocado. These include: pheromone traps, field sanitation, use of attractants, and soft chemical. These technologies, if disseminated to farmers, would reduce infestation by at least 20%. In addition training farmers on the appropriate maturity index would ensure only mature fruits are marketed.